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Maxtech Software
Automation Appliances
Control Instruments
Sensors Transmitter
Proximity Switch
Photo Sensor
Thermo-Couple Sensor
RTD Sensor
Temperature Probes
Compensating Lead Wire
Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
Signal Isolated Transmitter
Power Transducer
Thermocouple Simulator
Pressure Sensor
CO2 / CO Transmitter
Air Velocity Transmitter
Electronic Control Component & Others
Sensors Transmitter\Temperature and Humidity Transmitter
MS Series
Probe Temperature &
Humidity Transmitter
MTP04 Series
Transmitter for Duct Type
MTP02 Series
Transmitter for DIN-rail Type
MTP01 Series
Transmitter for Head-mounting
MRTH Series
Indoor Temperature &
Humidity Transmitter
RCH-1 Series
Humidity & Temp. Transmitter
MEHT Series
Economic Model Temp. &
Humidity Transmitter
MEDP Series
Economic Model
Dew point Transmitter
MHT Series
Multi-functional Temp. &
Humidity Transmitter
MDP Series
Dew point Transmitter
MTD71 Series
Temperature Transmitter
MTD72 Series
Temperature Transmitter
MTHS07 Series
Temp. & Humidity Transmitter
WCH Series
Humidity & Temp. Transmitter
MGW Series
2 Wire Temp. Transmitter
MCT-S Series
Infrared Tempe. Transmitter
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