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Product details:
Products Information
HMI Development Software - Maxtech Designer
Maxtech Designer is proven in many application fields and is an easy to use integrated development tool featuring solution-oriented screen objects, high-end vector graphics, Windows fonts for multi-language applications, recipes, alarms, data loggers and operation logging. Maxtech Designer also includes online/offline simulation and other utility programs
such as Data Transfer Helper (DTH); recipes editors and text editors. MT HMI runtime, a part of Maxtech Designer, guarantees reliability and performance because of the minimum system overhead, high communication data rates, sub-second screen switching, and operation.
Software Features
→Allows users to switch multi-language UI dynamically, with Unicode and multilingual
   screen text supported.
→Provides password protection of designs, macros and upload/download operations.
→Provides index registers for modifying device addresses at runtime.
→Operation log helps the review and investigation of important events.
→Allows to download the runtime data using serial port, Ethernet, USB and Micro SD card.
→Allows the use of USB memory sticks for trouble-free application updates.
→Supports over 300 industrial communication protocols, such as SIMATIC S7-1200,
   BACNet MSTP/BACNet IP, and more.
Software Functions
Efficient Project-based Structure to Manage
Multiple Applications

Project manager
One project can have many applications.
The project tree provides all you need to
    manage a project.
Global settings and resources sharable to
    all applications in a project.
You can make the most out of existing
    projects by import/ export functions for all
    kinds of settings.
Containing entire project in one file makes
    the maintenance job easy.
Software Functionalities to Meet Various
Machine Automation Needs

Possible to achieve a mini-SCADA system
10 sets of text to support multiple languages.
4 communication links with the option to add
    more RS-485 and TCP/IP sub-links.
7999 screens.
1 startup macro; 1 main macro; 4 event
    macros, 4 time macros, no limitation on other
    kinds of macros
16 discrete alarm, analog alarm, recipe block
    and data loggers. data logger
1 operation logger.

User Friendly Tools to Make Customized
Designs Easier and More Efficient
       Auto Resizing, Rotating & Tone

Screen editor and toolbars
Real-time WYSIWYG allows you to see the
    change of object appearance at any time.
Property dialogs with semi-transparent
    features will not block your view to screen
    objects anymore.
Automatic size adjustment of characters
    and pictures according to the object size is
Groups a number of objects to move,
    resize, and modify the common attributes.
Rotate a picture or change its tone to fit the
    need of an object.

Smart Screen Management

List View        Thumbnail View    Screen Overview

Screen manager
Shows the screen numbers and their names
    of an application in a traditional text list or a
    thumbnail list.
Select screens from the list to edit, cut, copy,
    delete, or export them.
Creating new screens and importing screens
    can be done through a pop-up menu.
Click on a screen thumbnail to highlight the
    connections of that screen with others.
Double-click on a screen thumbnail to open
    that screen’s editing window or property
A Graphical Tool for Defining Communication Configuration

Link overview
Depicts the communication links of all the
    panel applications in a project. You can easily
    know the panel device connections and the
    panel-panel connections.
Edit the content of the link overview to make it
    more readable and meaningful.
Create panel applications and communication
    links. This is a way of doing top-down design
    on communication level.
Display All Objects With Associated I/O Points in a List

Object list
Shows all the objects of a screen with their
    types, IDs, and associated I/O addresses. You
    can edit the I/O addresses in the list directly.
Shows All I/O Points With Their Purpose in A Table

Screen editor and toolbars
Double-click on an I/O point to bring up the
    property dialog of that I/O point’s user. It is
    convenient to view or modify the configuration
    of an entity associated with a certain I/O point
    through this way.
Thousands of Professional Pictures to Make
Screen Designs Easy and Outstanding

Picture libraries and picture database
Famous industrial pictures from Symbol
    Factory are ready for use, so that making
    your own picture libraries is easy.
Easy-to-use Macro Editor and Commands
Macro Commands        Macro Editor

Macro editor and macro commands
Macro editor and macro commands are useful
    for operations, such as sequential operations,
    conditional operations, interactive operations,
    file operations, data exchange between two
    connected devices, etc.
Changing HMI Model Can Be Done in Seconds

      5.7"  640x480                 7"  800x480
Automatic size adjustment
When changing the screen resolution, all the
    screen objects are automatically resized to
    maintain the relative positions and size ratios
    to the original screens.
Simple Text Mapping Table Fulfills The Needs
for Multiple Languages

Text database and text editor
Text database tables have multiple columns to
    contain strings for all supported languages
    with import/export functions, you can use
    Microsoft Excel to edit strings and import them
    for an application.
Customized Keypad Layouts and Designs

Custom keypads and on-screen keypads

You can design your own keypad to make it
    more appealing or suitable for a special
Using on-screen keypads instead of pop-up
    keypads is possible.
Secure Intellectual Properties

Design Protection

Project files, global macros, and password
    tables can be protected by different
Copying and uploading of an application can
    be prohibited in advance.
Anti-Piracy Functions

An allowable input range can be set for a
    numeric data entry object.
Buttons, switches, and data entry objects can
    be disabled or hidden dynamically by the
    current user level or the specified bits.
Operator confirmation can be asked for a data
Minimum holding time can be required for a
Advanced Numeric Display can use a macro
    to check the user input.
Supports Dynamic Data, Scale and Time
Ranges for Complicated Applications

Dynamic range

With the support of dynamic range, a screen
    object can adapt its display to the current
    range settings to show information more
    readable and precise.
Provides Complete Recipe Handling Functions

Recipe blocks

Support up to 16 different groups of recipes.
Transfer of recipes between MT HMI and
    PLCs/files is supported.
With Recipe Editor you can edit recipes on a
Easy to Configure Data Collections and
Historic Data Displays

   Historic Trend Graph         Single Record Line Chart
   displays collected data      displays the profile of
   in trend lines                     one sample from a set of
                                            collected data.

Data loggers

You can save/load collected data (up to 16
    different data sources) to/from a file by a
    function button or macro program.
Historic Event Table displays collected data
    and history of predefined events in tabular
Versatile Alarm Monitoring and
Display Capabilities

Alarm processing

Up to 16 discrete alarm blocks and 16 analog
    alarm blocks can be monitored and recorded.
Up to 8 data values can be read and recorded
    along with an alarm event.
A global alarm marquee is supported.
Operations Can Be Recorded for Improving
Quality and Efficiency

Operation logging

The starting time and the stopping time of an
    application can be recorded.
The failure of a communication link can be
Operation Log Display lists the logged
    operations process for the operator to review.
Easy-to-Use Error Messages


Checks the correctness and consistency of all
    settings and designs to optimize the
    communications with connected devices.
Translates macros into compact and ready-to-
    execute codes.
Builds runtime data to be executed by the
    MT HMI.
Reduce Time and Effort to Boost Performance
Supports Dynamic Data, Scale and Time through Advanced Simulations

Offline simulation and online simulation

Offline simulation function can help to
    experience your design result even before
    decide to purchase this model.
Evaluates the communication performance
    using online simulation before installation.
Provides Various Choices for Application
Runtime Data Transfers

Data Transfer Tool & Data Transfer Helper (DTH)

Uses Maxtech Designer or DTH to transfer an
    application’s runtime data to a MT HMI through
    a serial port, an Ethernet port, or a USB port
    anytime when that MT HMI is running. (Some
    MT HMI models may not have a client USB port
    to support the data transfer.)
Without a PC, transfers an application’s
    runtime data to a MT HMI by using an USB
    memory stick or Micro SD card.
Product Remarks:
  Copy Right © MAXTHERMO-GITTA GROUP CORPORATION All rights reserved.